If you are a small company or a charity and already have your own staff, we can offer QuickBooks training on a one to one basis, either at your offices or at our offices.

Having training on QuickBooks will enable you to keep correct bookkeeping records, thus helping to reduce accountancy fees at the end of the year. We can teach you how to input data into the correct ledgers, assign the correct VAT codes, thus making the VAT report at the end of each quarter easier. There are many reports that can be generated from QuickBooks which will enable you to control the finances more accurately each month.

Please give us a call to discuss your requirements.

See what our clients say

My company has used AJ Bookkeeping for nearly 4 years. During that time I have found Mandy to be efficient, helpful and responsive to our needs. I can give her our support and happily pass our recommendation to other potential clients.
C.C.G. Gregory
Gregseal Technology UK Ltd.

We've used Mandy to manage our purchase ledger work for a little over three years - we're happy to recommend her wholeheartedly to other companies - for her reliability, accuracy and friendly service.
Simon, Director
Premier Fruits (Imports) Ltd.

I am so pleased I have met Mandy! She keeps both me and my business on track, she is very professional and friendly, and good at what she does. She recently proved a VAT Inspector challenge wrong - thanks to her bookkeeping skills - and I know (as long as I do as I am told) we will never miss a deadline! My heartfelt thanks.
Alison Curtis, Director
Innervision Consulting